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Default Too much gaming?


I am working on a TV documentary and am keen to speak to anyone who thinks they might be spending too long online gaming. Have you found yourself staying up all night to carry on playing? Has your gaming pissed off your girlfriend/wife/boyfriend/husband/kids? Has it affected work or college? Is time spent away from the computer spent thinking about getting back to the game?

We're looking at how technology, and in particularly MMORPGs can, for some people, become totally all-encompassing and might be a problem, and I would love to hear from anyone who has personal experience of this, either their own or someone they know.
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Default Re: Too much gaming?

I often find myself gaming 20-23 hours a day. I now weigh over 330 pounds, but am only 5'3. I used to be 6' tall before online gaming struck. I've failed out of college and live with my parents again.

Please, HELP ME!
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Default Re: Too much gaming?

In all seriousness... I have had one or two problems with gaming.

I sold my mom's jewelry to buy more games.

Not really.

However, I have stayed up all night playing games, skipped doing certain college asignments (eventually did them, though), and got into more than one argument with my girlfriend because I gamed while talking to her on the phone.

There, you happy!?
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Default Re: Too much gaming?

did this dude really expect guys to go
"Hi my name is bob, I just lost my job, and I'm 33... I was hittin the rock, thought that I was livin the life, but now I'm loosin my way

Can anybody out there hear me
Cus I cant seem to hear myself
Can anybody our there see me?
Cus I can seem to see myself
Can anybody out there feel me?
There's gotta be a heaven somewhere to save me from this hell...

Keep loosin my way, keep loosin my way, can you help me find my way"
Or somethin?!
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You have been warned.
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Default Re: Too much gaming?

few games got me playing thru the night, but thats very rare

oh, wait this is in MMORPG Forum, no i don't play MMORPGs
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Default Re: Too much gaming?

People are responsible for their own actions and are the source of the MMORPG "problem". It pisses me off to no end when reporters imply that the games have some inherent power to destroy peoples' lives. Instead of making a documentary about something so stupid, why not focus on making something educational and interesting. The general public is exposed to enough mindless tripe as it is.
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Default Re: Too much gaming?

I had to quit playing WoW so my roommate would too. (He plays whatever I play most of the time.) I played in moderation and took care of what needed to be done in the house or whatever. He would do nothing but work, shower, play, sleep, then rinse and repeat. On weekends, it was stay up til 4-5AM playing, sleep til 2pm (while I'm cleaning or whatever), then get back on and play until 4AM again. I dont see any problems with anything until you start to neglect responsibility. I felt like his mom during those months. At least he did manage to pay me for the bills close to on-time.
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Default Re: Too much gaming?

WOW is bad......MMMMKay
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Default Re: Too much gaming?

gaming added 4 inches to my penis. Write a story on me.
Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
if tygerwoody says its bad, its bad.
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Default Re: Too much gaming?

I am used to play Eudemons Online about 8hours a day. I just cant stop playing it so addictive, that is why my girl friend left me, I could hardly have time to stay with her.
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Default Re: Too much gaming?

Since I started gaming I've found my head explodes more often... Could they be connected?
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Default Re: Too much gaming?

god damn 06'ers
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