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Default GeForce4 MX440 PCI card failure with linux nvidia drivers

I am having problems with a new Nvidia GeForce4-MX440 PCI video card. The brand is "Jaton Video-158PCI-64TV", but I am sure it is not due to the brand. I have lots of experience with GeForce2-MX and Linux without any problems. This is the first problam I have had with any Nvidia cards and Linux. I haved a current Debian/Sid distribution
installed with many packages including 3D packages.

My machine is a dual-processor Xeon 2.4Ghz on an Intel SE7500CW2 motherboard. This MB does not have an AGP slot, hence, I am using a PCI Nvida card.

I started with a XFConfig-4 configuration that works with this same machine setup and the GeForce2 (I just transifered hard drives to this new machine). Using the 4191 drivers, X spins up all the cpu cycles
"shortly" after using X. It did not happen imediately, but did happen after a few minutes. I could login to the machine remotely and stop X, but it was necessary to do a reboot to get the system back

After reviewing this forum, I tried downgrading to the older version of the Nvidia drivers, version 3123. This version was much more stable and allowed X to run for about 5-10 minutes before it did the same thing. It did not lock the machine, just spun up the cpu to 100% load. I had to reboot to get it back, issuing a "shutdown -r now" from a remote login (su to root).

Then I applied a few options that I could see from this forum that people have tried to get this card to work. These are all now enabled. I do not know which is the one or more needed to gain stability:

1) added this to the NV driver section of XFConfig-4:

Option "RenderAccel" "0"
Option "IgnoreEDID" "1"

2) changed the VertRefresh from 55-90 to 60 in the
monitor section of XFConfig-4

3) verified that DRI was removed from the module list along with GLcore, pex5, and xie.

4) added "pci=noacpi and acpi=off" to lilo.conf append list.

The system stayed up long encough for me to almost finish creating this e-mail. Nevertheless, it did fail even with the 3123 driver. I have reverted to the XFree86 nv driver which has no problems at all,
but is slower and does not support 3D.

With the nvidia driver (old NVdriver), there is no error message of any kind to show up in the XFree86 log file related to these problems.
I have removed all (EE) and (WW) through these changes or others. The system seems fine for a while and does run my 3D applications. However,
a system lockup is not acceptable.

I am cross-posting this to www.nvnews.net

Keep you posted on this one...
J D Freels
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Option "NvAgp" "0" ? (dont know for sure how it conducts with pci cards) Also is your system hangs totaly or only xfree? try Alt-shift-SysRq-k if it turned on in kernel, if not total hangup usefull to try Nvidia driver debug options and gdb.
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Default something additional on this one

I certainly could turn off the AGP option "0". I was forcing this because I do have a PCI card. The driver should autodetect this.

Also, what is the "Alt-shift-SysRq-k" key combination? I have a standard pc104 type keyboard.

I also just tried reducing the resolution to 1280x1024 since my older monitor (NEC 6FGp) is only supposed to support that resolution. It did run much longer, but ultimately it did fail and hand X exactly the same way.

X just eats the cpu cycles. Most of the time, I can login remotely to reboot, but I have had to hit the reset button some times. Thank goodness for the reiserfs !
J D Freels
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