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Talking 9742 issues on Go6200 TC

Thanks for the new beta...

Here comes some reports:
a) The tfp memory issue continues
b) Console switching don't seems to crash the complete system like 9629 but it result in 2 funky things:
* Swap from X to console: The console is fitted to 1280x800 (native resolution) and give unnice blurry result (since it's 1024x768 resolution extended to 1280x800)
* X seems to crash on the return (at least X+Xgl) - [edit: I can reproduce this mostly during the start of Xgl (over X) ... On the return to X, I see the mouse cursor with a few garbage then X dies]


EDIT: Added some details on the Swap console / X
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File Type: gz nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (20.4 KB, 91 views)
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Default Re: 9742 issues on Go6200 TC

Which 'tfp memory issue' are you referring to?
Does the framebuffer console corruption persist if you boot with video=vesaff vga=normal instead of the current video= option?
Does the X crash only reproduce if Composite is turned on?
Was the attached bug report generated while X had crashed?

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Default Re: 9742 issues on Go6200 TC

tfp mem issue ==> Texture from Pixmaps (compiz/beryl) that don't play well in "direct" with turbo cached card [no real big deal, just to inform other people that it won't work better with this one]

For the framebuffer, I will give a shoot at it tomorow (i currently use vega-tng ==> this means a new kernel + a reboot to be clean) and give details

For the bug reports, since I am using gdm, it restart nicely my dead xorg and the bug reports came after it...

I reproduce the crash with composite, without, I still have some issue but X seems to keep up:I still got the corruption at the cursor (it still move, and the corruption stay at the original place but the screen stay black... Zapping the X (ctrl-alt-backspace) take around 10/20 sec to kill the server...

In case of need, I include 2 bug reports I tried to sync with the issue (005503 - With composite when X was going down , 005905 - Without composite, with the black screen and 'corruption')

Btw, these are not huge issues since the crash seems to happen only if I swap to terminal too fast after logging my X session, didn't have problem after... just some feedback since it's a beta...
Attached Files
File Type: gz nvidia-bug-report-005503.log.gz (20.0 KB, 106 views)
File Type: gz nvidia-bug-report-005905.log.gz (20.0 KB, 74 views)
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