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Default 6200 runs hot -> Crash


Just updated my htpc gfx to a nvidia 6200tc(fan less). Just need the svhs tvout for video playback.

After installation everything seemed to work (after some conflicts with the old ati drivers). Tv out was really great! Alot better than the old onboard Ati(x200).

But then after watching a movie for about 10 minutes X froze! I could still ssh in from my main pc. After a restart X was running again. I startet the movie again this time with VLC instead of totem. After About 10 minutes crash again. After reboot I opened the nvidia control panel which has a temperature monitor, where I could see that the core temperature was about 70 degrees celcius. A bit high compared to other graphics cards i've had. Then I started glxgears in order to stress the card a bit. In around 5-10 minutes the core temperature was up to 90-95 degrees, and after 5 minutes at that temperature X froze again.

Then I thougt that mabye there still was a problem with the old ati drivers, so I did a clean install of Ubuntu - Edgy, installed nvidia drivers, and did the same test with glxgears. Crash after 10-15 min.

Has anybody had any simlar expirences?? Solutions or did I just get a bad card.

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Default Re: 6200 runs hot -> Crash

I suggest you to check air flow in your chase and install a fan on your graphic card.
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