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Default Multi Nic cards with Static IP's in same Machine

We have these machines at work that are on a separet network connected to a locked up Windows Server 2003 that runs a parts database program.

Their main NIC is used with a static IP, Is it possible to add like a Wireless USB Network adapter with a different static IP to get internet?

So far this is what we have tried, How can well tell the XP Pro machine to use the wireless nic for internet and the integrated nic for the parts server.

Maybe this isn't possible, how else could we get internet running on the same machine?
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Default Re: Multi Nic cards with Static IP's in same Machine

It's actually really simple.

On the wired nic with the static IP, just make sure to remove the gateway.

On the wireless, add a gateway to tell the pc how to get to the internet. That way network 1 will only be able to communicate with pcs on the same subnet, and network 2 can get out to the internet.

That will make the most sense to you, and it will keep the server isolated from the world. You can actually do everything on a single nic, but that is a little tricker.
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