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Default Seeking a new MMORPG.

I've been around the block so to speak when it comes to the genre known as MMORPG. I've played L2, SWG, WOW, NWN, COH, COV, GW, PSU, and more... I just forgot the names of them all. I took a break from them for sake of the xbox 360, currently I have grown bored of that. Because I couldn't obtain a Wii I ham turning to the computer once more for a MMORPG to play. Now, I have a limited # of choices due to my computer specs.

I got 1.5g of ram, Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz (2 CPUs), and the problem which happens to be my vid card.

NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200
Display Memory: 128.0 MB

This card blows massively. I can't get a new one because my power source only pumps out roughly 200-250w and I need atleast 300 for a upgraded card. I got a crappy Dell and can't find a power source that fits, and don't really want to go through the numerious applications necessary to get a custom made power source for my crap-tastic computer several months from now (if I'm lucky). I can run WoW, COH, and COV ( my most recent games played). WoW was kind of choppy but I didn't have the 1.5g of ram when played, coh and cov are pretty decent with how my comp is at the moment.

Anyway, enough rambling about my system specs, back to the actual problem. I tried EQ2 for like a day and got sick of all the talking. Yack Yack Yack, all the NPC's wouldn't shut up. I was thinking about trying it again but did some research and noticed they had like 8 expansions, each with a hefty price tag on them. I was thinking of turning back to WoW since the expan for that came out but nothing really is new, just new races, same old stuff. Not to mention, the fun of the game comes from guilds and such, and finding a good guild is impossible expecially for a new character (Don't argue with me on this, I've done research). I heard of a game called Tabula Rasa (spelt wrong I think) and was gonna try that out, but it isn't out yet... And I doubt I can handle the graphics. Then I remembered eXteel which looks amazing but it isn't out yet either, and I doubt I could handle that game either. My computer can't even handle Age of Empires 3 (Technically it can but I get like pacman graphics and a warning message each time I ran it saying my vid card might make my computer implode). Another problem is that I want maturity. No, not nudity and such, but mature individuals, not little kids fresh off of Halo 2 which want to nag and bitch their way through life. Last time I played WoW I tried out a priest and found the entire server mass spamming chuck norris jokes (as I bet most of you can remember that phase it wasn't too long ago).

I like soloing the start, usually to level 10, but after that I enjoy groups. In WoW I was the only person under level 40 since the character was new. This is also a worry in EQ2 if I return to that. Another little note, I enjoy playing ranger characters or something that will keep me interested. I want to blow some **** up or impale someones head with a bullet or an arrow to silence my destructive inner child. I'm sure some of you can cope with me on that, but still I've yet to find a mmorpg to satisfy me. I chronically quit and make new characters all the time. In COH and COV (I have been playing since beta testing COH) I have never EVER got past level 29, and that stands till this date. My highest level was my last guy who will remain because my account expired the 4th of december. Oh yeah, and I like communication. I despise single player games with a passion. When I play online with people, I expect interaction and conversation of some sort, not a person who thinks he/she is a bot and doesn't need to speak ever.

I know this post is rather random and rambly but it kind of gets my point and opinion down in my own little way. If anyone can recomend a new mmorpg or some advice upon which mmorpg to return to (since I haven't played any of the ones listed above in a long time) it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, especially if you actually read all of this.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this up in my PC spec ramblings but I have cable (opt online).
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Default Re: Seeking a new MMORPG.

buy EQ2 Echoes of faydwer, it contains all the expansions and original game

and no theres lots of people at low levels due to the new expansion being from 1-70

edit: actually the new EOF trial just came out

see the new website they made too, pretty cool
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