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Default Re: DVI->HDMI and modelines

Originally Posted by Falkon
The working modeline has a LITTLE overscan
Overscan actually is a property of the TV, not the modeline or the driver.
Unfortunately there is usually no option in the TV to disable it.
(note that overscan actually is required in the relevant SMPTE specs for TV and HDTV. the reasons for it are outdated but it is still there)
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Default Re: DVI->HDMI and modelines

Falkon, you should find that if you play back 1080i material at full screen without de-interlacing, it should appear the same as it would coming from a set-top box on your tv. Most programming is created to accommodate overscan. The only problem you should have with overscan is that KDE and Gnome both tend to draw things on the edges of the screen a lot. If you have your system going straight into MythTv, you can tell it to not use the edges in setup/appearance.
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Default Re: DVI->HDMI and modelines

Yes, it seems to work when playing off of Gxine in full screen. I use XFCE, so not too much at the edges. I've seen something referring to custom EDID that you can program. I don't know if I'll ever venture there, but it's something to keep in mind.
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