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Default Second Monitor Not Recognized On Debian 3.1 // Blank Screen & X Crashes

Hi all,

I recently switched distros over to Debian 3.1, and after some initial confusion I've settled in.

My one problem is that after my first install of Debian (broke the install while upgrading the Kernel to 2.6.18-3) dual monitor support in nVidia drivers has stopped working for my card. The first Debian install worked fine with them, and prior to that, Kubuntu Edgy.

Both of my previous installs were running the official nVidia packaged drivers, version 1.0-9631 on the 2.6.8 kernel (and one of the 2.4.x kernels on Debian for a while.)

Debian 3.1r4 (2.6.18-3-686 Kernel)
MSI nVidia GeForce 7600GT
nVidia 1.0-9631 Drivers (Built from source.)
X.org 7.1.1 (12 May. 2006)

Previous drivers have not worked either (precompiled 1.0-8776 from the Debian repositories.)

Interestingly, the stock nv drivers attempt to utilize the second monitor, which is a TV, although output is garbled and irrelivant to what it should be.

The one thing I haven't tried yet (for lack of success) is installing the drivers using the official nVidia installer available from the nVidia website.

I'm positive that my xorg.conf file is accurately written. I must have remade it from the default config. at least half a dozen times by now. However, the following error is reported by X on startup:
NVIDIA: More then one matching Device section for instances (BusID: PCI:1:0:0) found: Card1.
Could anyone offer some suggestions?

Brian Ziemek


Well, it seems that sometime during the day I aquired the packages that were preventing me from installing the officially packaged nVidia drivers against the 2.6.18-3 kernel, so I ran the official installer, and my second display is now working... sort of. (If anyone's running a dual-display setup in Debian 3.1 (2.6.18-3 kernel) with the drivers from the repositories I would love to hear about it.)

I've run into a new problem though, and every search I come up with proves irrelavant to my situation.

After configuring my displays and restarting the X server, everything seemed to be fine. GLX and composite effects were working great, but as I was adding panels to my second display, one of them was just not showing up in the panel configuration dialog. I figured a simple system restart would fix this, (and of course, it did,) but all of a sudden instead of KDM, I was staring at a black screen. Pressing any key brought me to the tty login, so I logged in as root to see what was the matter. (I also tried a user account.) Running startx brought me to another blank screen, which was diverted only by using the hotkeys to get back into the text interface. It seems the X-server crashed with a fatal IO error 104.

I won't go too far into detail here, but the log is attached. On a side note, I find it quite interesting that my reported version of Debian is 4.0...

Thanks to anyone who can help!
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