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Default Multiseat on GF6200?


I'm having trouble getting two instances of X to display on the two outputs from a single GeForce 6200 PCI-E. I'm using the nvidia driver, Linux kernel 2.6.17, and xorg version 7.1.1 from its Ubuntu Edgy package.

I have two monitors, two USB keyboards, and two USB mice, which I'd like to connect so that two users can access the machine simultaneously without interfering with one another. After a bit of reading about "multiseat" setups, I've modified my xorg.conf to have two ServerLayout sections, each with its own monitor, keyboard, and mouse. It looks like it's almost working, but I can't seem to get both layouts running side by side.

Basically, I can load up either layout individually and it seems to work.

If I run `X -layout MainLayout :0` by itself:
- The DVI monitor becomes active and everything looks fine.
- The VGA monitor goes dark.

If I run `X -layout TvLayout :1` by itself:
- The DVI monitor goes dark.
- The VGA monitor becomes active and everything looks fine.

But if I try to load up both layouts using different x servers, e.g., by running

[me@host ~]$ X -layout MainLayout :0 &
[me@host ~]$ X -layout TvLayout :1

Or by using GDM with both entries in the [servers] section, then whichever layout I loaded last becomes active and whichever I loaded first goes dark.

I think both servers are still running since I can see them in "ps", e.g.,:

19049 tty7 SLs+ 0:01 X -layout MainLayout :0
19061 tty9 SLs+ 0:00 X -layout TvLayout :1

And also, after the TV lights up, I can use the Ctrl+Alt+F2, etc., to switch virtual consoles, and then by switching to Ctrl+F7 I can get the Main display to light up. But, the tv goes dark as soon as I try this. I haven't seen any unusual messages in the xorg logs, either.

I am about out of ideas. Maybe the video card only wants to talk to one X server at a time?

By the way, up until now I've used a "two-screens in one layout" setup, but the problem is that we end up interfering with one another when we both try to use the machine at the same time (stealing the mouse focus, etc.). If there's some way I could give each screen its own mouse and keyboard, and its own mouse focus, then I'd be happy to abandon the idea of running two servers.

Thanks a lot!
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Default Re: Multiseat on GF6200?

You can not drive the two heads of a single NVIDIA GPU with separate X servers; for multi-seat configurations, you need multiple GPUs.
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