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Default DVD Issues, PLEASE help.

Hey everyone, im having a bit of a problem. I just installed the Nvidia Purevideo software and now my Dvd playback is a mess. Now when I watch dvd's I see red pixels everywhere, trailing everywhere when the picture moves, and most notably in dark areas. I had cineplayer installed before that, so i tried uninstalling that trough my control panel and that didn't work. I also tried uninstalling the Nvidia software while i still had Cineplayer installed and it still screwed everything up. I hope i didn't permanently mess up decoders or something because now whether or not Nvidia is in it now always has those red pixels everywhere. Note this only happened after I installed Nvidia Purevideo. I hope someone with some knowledge of Dvd decoders and playback can help as I have no knowledge in this area.
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Default Re: DVD Issues, PLEASE help.

What kind of video card do you have?
Make sure it supports PureVideo: http://www.nvidia.com/page/purevideo_support.html

Have you tried watching a DVD in Windows Media Player? I've found PureVideo to work the best through WMP 9/10/11.
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Default Re: DVD Issues, PLEASE help.

I just got an XFX 7900 GS Extreme Edition and I have Windows Media Player 11. I tried out the K-Lite Pro Pack and just started enabling things randomly and that worked but for windows media classic (though i play Star Wars ep 3 and it freezes after title screen unless i choose to start the movie by selecting a chapter) So I don't know what im doing or what to do. It seems my solution lay somewhere with a decoder in with K-Lite but sadly it does not affect my Windows Meda Player Or Center. The Red pixels are still all over, and I hopefullly this can be fixed. Could it be something in my registry? And i'd like to use my Media Center for watching DVD's but if the problem can't be fixed, which would be a total bummer, I guess i'll have to use some other DVD player.

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Default Re: DVD Issues, PLEASE help.

I would try uninstalling all other DVD players/codecs and then install the latest versions of Media Player Classic and NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder. You will need to disable the default MPEG-2 Video codec in MPC filter options for the Purevideo decoder to work. Otherwise it will use the built-in codec instead.

You will know if Purevideo is working when you see an nvidia icon pop up in your system tray area while playing a DVD.

If you still have problems with that config then try a different version video driver. Perhaps there is a bug there..

P.S. - If you prefer Windows Media Player/Center for playing DVD, use the Windows XP Video Decoder Checkup Utility to configure the default codec that you want for playback.
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