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Default Re: Suggestions on E6600 oc

Well this just sux!!!

Lowered my vcore down to 1.35 and ran 2 instances of prime95 overnight, load temps were averaging 62c.

Decided to go higher to 1500 fsb to get 3.375, prime95 failed on 1 of my cores within a few seconds. Increased my vcore to 1.4 and same thing happened. Kept increasing my vcore to 1.5 until prime95 would run past the 1min mark. Left it running for 5mins before shutting down due to temps reaching 75c. Decided to go back down to 1425 fsb (3.206Ghz) and vcore 1.35, and now this is not stable can't run prime95 or orthos without it failing within a few seconds.

Can't get stable until increasing core back to 1.4.

Why can i not get back my previous oc?
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Xion X2
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Default Re: Suggestions on E6600 oc

Make sure that you guys don't go by the voltage readings in CPU-Z. They're inaccurate when you start overclocking.

And I wouldn't run an E6600 over 65C for long periods of time (including Prime/Orthos/TAT). I think 60.1C is the recommended temps for long-term use.

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Default Re: Suggestions on E6600 oc

well i guess my limit for this proc is 3.2 @ 1.4v. Anything higher and my 1st core fails within secs of running prime95. Can't lower voltage also, as same core will fail. Just unlucky I guess as this was my second one, first got exchanged cuz of temps hitting 66c under load on stock.

BTW is it normal that there is a 5 degree difference between both cores when on idle. I dropped my speeds back to stock and wa slooking at temps and saw this: Core 0 - 37c Core 1 - 32c:
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Default Re: Suggestions on E6600 oc

Yup, Intel rates that cpu at 60.1c. Anything higher is asking for a shorter lifespan. And that 60.1c when it is not overclocked.
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Default Re: Suggestions on E6600 oc

you kno, i though these chips were rated at up to 85 C.

but for good measure i would LIKE to keep it below 60. I got ~70 on TAT load, but I idled at 40 with 1.475 vcore @ 3.6.

Now, on water, I have yet to OC.... but my temps are way the hell lower than with a zalman9500!

anyway try as much as you can to keep em below 60. unless you like buying new chips every year or so.
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Default Re: Suggestions on E6600 oc

Hey Buffbiff21, let us know how your water OC goes. I am thinking really hard on going water and your chip and temps look very similar to mine. Would kind of like to see what results you get versus your Zalman 9500.

I can go about 10 minutes of Orthos at 3.6 with 1.462v. Temps are hitting 65 and 62 on TAT. That is with both 120s maxed out on my Ninja. Kinda loud but not too bad. If I could get Orthos stable at 3.6 with 1.5v or less, temps below 60 load, then I would def go water. I just have this bad feeling that I change to water and it doesn't get me much further.
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