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Default Setting virtual screen size explicitly in the X config file

Hi, I want to use a negative offset in my metamode.

The readme file for 9746 clearly say:
"both positive and negative offsets are valid, though negative offsets are only allowed when a virtual screen size is explicitly given in the X config file."

Anyone know which option I need to use in the xorg.conf to do that? NVidia staff?
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Default Re: Setting virtual screen size explicitly in the X config file

From the xorg.conf man page:

Virtual xdim ydim
This optional entry specifies the virtual screen resolution to be used. xdim must be a multi-
ple of either 8 or 16 for most drivers, and a multiple of 32 when running in monochrome mode.
The given value will be rounded down if this is not the case. Video modes which are too large
for the specified virtual size will be rejected. If this entry is not present, the virtual
screen resolution will be set to accommodate all the valid video modes given in the Modes
entry. Some drivers/hardware combinations do not support virtual screens. Refer to the
appropriate driver-specific documentation for details.
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