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Default So what voltages do I adjust on ASUS P5N32-E SLI?

I was all ready to OC, had written down everything I needed to do, disabled the bits it said to disable (e.g speedstep, spreading etc.) and went into the bios to up the voltages to give my OC the required oomph. But... none of the names match up with what I was expecting.

I've got an Asus P5N32-E SLI mobo, 6600 CPU.

The OC Guide told me to up:

CPU Core to 1.45
CPU FSB to 1.5V
nForce SPP to 1.5V

That would be fine, but I have:

VCore voltage
memory Voltage
1.2V HT Voltage
NB Core Voltage
SB Core Voltage
CPU VTT Voltage
DDR2 Controller Ref Voltage
DDR2 Channel A Ref Voltage
DDR2 Channel B Ref Voltage

That's lovely, but what I'm uncertain about is which correspond to what I want to increase? I suspect Vcore is the main CPU one I want, but what's CPU VTT? I guess NB and SB correspond to Northbridge and southbridge, but do I need to up both? I have no clue what nForce SPP should equate to.

I'm not planning on touching the memory, so I guess that rules out memory voltage or any of the last three.

Any help will be much appreciated.

One other question whilst I'm here, I ran the Ntune "tune system" thingy and that went away playing with changing the AGP/PCIE Bus. It took it from 3125 to 3900. What's this doing for me? I assume it's giving my 8800GTX some more oomph. ? I didn't save anything after doing this - more out of curiosity than anything else.

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Default Re: So what voltages do I adjust on ASUS P5N32-E SLI?

I find it best to leave the voltages along for the chipset. or at most give it .05v extra but no more as the chipset is passive cooled
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Default Re: So what voltages do I adjust on ASUS P5N32-E SLI?

I have mine orthos stable with a vcore voltage of 1.55v set in the bios which ends up being 1.42v with the vdroop using bios 0202. Everything else can be set to auto except memory voltage which should be set according to your ram specs or more if you OC your ram . 1.2V HT voltage & NB core voltage need to be increased to get over 450 but I'm at 400 so mine are on auto. I hope you have more than stock cooling if you are going to do this. Stock cooler with AS5 did get me stable at 3.2GHz but any higher and the temps were too high. 1333 FSB (QDR) & between 1.3v to 1.4v vcore in the bios with stock cooler should be pretty safe and achievable just make sure to monitor those temps. Remember this is all at your own risk!
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