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Default Xbox 360 Coffin Review

The one game everyone is or will be familiar with.http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/760/760269p1.html
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Default Re: Xbox 360 Coffin Review

It could be worse. He could have bought a PS3......
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Default Re: Xbox 360 Coffin Review

Ha... not LOL funny but kinda cute.
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Default Re: Xbox 360 Coffin Review

I was seriously pissed when my two months old console with little use stopped working suddenly on a cold winter day of last february.

My anger cooled off and turned into surprise when three days later an express courier came to retrieve my dead console and in less than one week I had a brand new console. And it didn't even cost me a phone call as it was toll free.

So, in the end, maybe the Xbox 360 has poor manufacturing and quality control but the service Microsoft provides seems very good to me.
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Default Re: Xbox 360 Coffin Review

It is really quite depressing for Microsoft that they have/had problems with quality control in their components and supply lines. On the bright side MS has been really doing alot to fix these issues. That in itself has been a major source of the success of the 360.
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Default Re: Xbox 360 Coffin Review

I dunno, the tenth instruction made me lol. It's like one of those tests you take in school where they tell you to read the entire thing first and then the bottom of the last page says "Hand this in blank" or something. Of course it might not be so funny if I myself hadn't sealed boxes to discover that I either needed information inside or to add something.
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