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Old 02-02-07, 05:20 PM   #13
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It does look good but not going to get it. I sold my PSP recently. Still not worth it for me. I never actually play handheld. I'm getting 360 one, and yeah it looks like it's using supereagle mode or something. Hopefully they have option to turn that filter off. I rather play clean 2x scale mode.

Really it doesn't matter, I have a real copy of Dracula X (god that was expensive and rare) SOTN so I can always play it on PS2/3 (of course, not Dracula X but with emulator).
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dude i have simons quest, IN ITS BOX still!

Symphony of the night was my all time favorite, with Dracula X in second. DX is going for a GRIP on ebay! I dont htink i can part with it though.
to be honest, i liked the PS2 ones also.

SHNAP i just checked, SOTN is goin for a grip too!!
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My first exprience with what turned into CV was table top d&d in 84.Loved it then and thought the consolized versions didnt do the old pen and paper versions justice,IMHO.I of course am talking about Ravenloft.I remember vividly talking to my play groups back then,about how the orient had stolen/borrowed heavily from tracy and company.I still have my 1st ed modules.
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hehe, glad I got my custom fm for this


and now that 3.10 was decrypted, I will enjoy my PS1 ISO's along with the latest PSP ISO's
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This looks really cool, but not enough for me to buy the psp just yet. I have the original DX and SotN, not to mention I'd like to DL it to my 360. If the PSP comes down in price, I may have to pick this one up.
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