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Default Suse 10.2 + nvidia drivers + XGL = dead DVI.

OK, heres what happened:

-Installed opensuse 10.2. No problems there. Everything was detected just fine and system worked.
-Installed nvidia gfx drivers with yast to get accelerated xgl (from download.nvidia.com install source). Driver install worked fine.
-After the install, i enabled desktop effects (xgl/compiz stuff).
-system asked me to log off/reboot (after enabling desktop effects, login dialog appeared). So i rebooted my system.

Then everything went straight to h***.

-> digital input does not work anymore with dvi cable. Monitor (ViewSonic VA2012w says "no signal")
-> analog input still works with vga cables.

I had 2 monitors attached when i enabled desktop effects (viewsonic va2012w connected with DVI and hitachi cm769et connected with VGA to GF6800GT). Hitachi was powered down and no dual monitor support was enabled. And there was not any kind of display errors that would indicate driver setup or compiz throwing wrong refresh rates or resolutions at my monitor.

I had windows running dual monitor configuration with no problems before this happened (va2012w (DVI) + hitachi cm769et (VGA)). After this, i obviously cant use dual monitors in windows anymore because DVI is dead.

So, question is: is it really possible to blow up tft monitors with enabling desktop effects in linux? Or is there something horribly wrong with nvidia drivers or xgl/compiz?

Anyone experienced anything similar?

Thing that i simply dont understand is, that system didnt change refresh rates or resolutions (so its not possible that dvi gets fried because of wrong refresh/resolution) after enabling desktop effects, it just displayed logoff dialog. And after rebooting, dvi is toast.

It was fresh suse installation and i didnt mess up with any config files before this happened. Install suse (everything OK) -> install nvidia drivers and activate XGL (BOOM!).

EDIT: theres also additional (minor) problems compared to this.

- suse installation does not work anymore (lots of 'failed' services during boot).
- x server is toast.
- logging in does not work anymore (after entering username and password, says something like 'servicing error' and asks username/pass again)

but those are kinda minor annoyance compared to digital input problem with my monitor. Those problems mean that i cannot check what driver version it was because i cant log into linux installation anymore (it was newest SMP driver package installed yesterday from download.nvidia.com using yast (01.02.2007 (DD.MM.YYYY))

I had exact same problem last december when i was playing around with ubuntu installation. Suddenly DVI output was just toast. I thought it was just normal monitor issue, and i didnt connect it to issues with linux, nvidia drivers or xgl.

I sent the monitor back to viewsonic and they replaced it.

But because another VA1012w is toast again with similar circumstances, its pretty much quaranteed that theres something terribly wrong somewhere.

So, big question is: what the heck could be wrong.
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