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Default Need ActiveX SDK

im lookin for software and resources that i can use to write some ActiveX controls (preferrably in VB, but C++/C# can work if it has to). these controls will be used for file management, including the uploading and downloading of folders/multiple files.

i need to find some software and books/resources to get this done and was wondering if anyone knew where i could find some. i have been looking all over google and amazon for a while now and have only found books from the late 90's (maybe these are the latest )

anyways, any information is greatly appreciated. especially if you have some experience with ActiveX controls. thanks.

also, money is no object, so please just recommend any software or resources that i can use.
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Default Re: Need ActiveX SDK

I'm afraid I won't be of much assistance without knowing the architecture with which you are writing in, it sounds like a VB6/VBScript app? Are there any reasons not to use managed-code objects? (ie. .NET?) Just wondering here.
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Default Re: Need ActiveX SDK

its starting to seem like java would be a better option for what i am trying to do is enabled a user to upload and download entire folders while keeping the folder hierarchy in tact.

i am going to be using a server for verified users to upload and retrieve files. do you think java would suit me better? maybe a standalone application?
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