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Default Re: Armed Assault News

Originally Posted by Abraxus#
How can you say it doesnt look that good? Those screenshots look obscenely good, I reckon it looks as good as oblivion in places, if not better due to the huge draw distance. Also bear in mind it was only a demo at its been out for a while, the performance is likely to be much better in the retail game.
It does look good, but not "runs like crap at minimum settings" good.

Most of what makes it look so good is the lighting anyway. Its the artistic style of the game that looks realistic, there really isn't anything technical going on that warrants performance that low.
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Default Re: Armed Assault News

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL
there really isn't anything technical going on that warrants performance that low.
Considering that it only uses roughtly 700MB of your 2GB system ram and totally ignores your other CPU core, plus doesnŽt properly "flush" old textures/shaders out of the VRAM of the 8800 cards (game issue or driver issue ), IŽd say it actually handicaps itself quite nicely.

I know the devs will keep releasing patches, even OFP was pretty horrible at v1.0, but my major issue with ArmA is actually the player character and weapon movement, the AI issues and extremely boring/crappy single player campaign.

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Default Re: Armed Assault News

Just an Update.

Atari Is the US Publisher

North American Release May 2007

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Default Re: Armed Assault News

Armed Assault will be named ArmA: Combat Operations in North America
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Default Re: Armed Assault News

Nice. I'll be picking up a copy as soon as it is released.

By then I should have my new rig sporting a Q6600+8800GTX SLi up and running. That means I'd have to get three copies for some mad MP LAN action!

Can't wait!
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Default Re: Armed Assault News

AA MODES QUALITY . 1 MB , 5 screns

For my ,


high and very high = MSAA 4X

5 = MSAA 8 X
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Default Re: Armed Assault News

performance looks promising in that review, although I can't tell what kind of CPU and ram he's running..

Last I remember reading about this game, the visibility distance slider can really cripple systems if you set it all the way to the max... That Spanish review site put theirs till a little over halfway....

wonder how this game compares to graw.
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Default Re: Armed Assault News

for the moment , use the catalyst 6.7 drivers if your running ATI.

because all other recent drivers suffer of an handles leak. and create stuttering
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Default Re: Armed Assault News

so when is this 1.05 patch out then?
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Default Re: Armed Assault News

Windows 8 the next big failure, right after Windows ME
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