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Mr Six
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Default Higher idle temps on 6800GT

Ok so i have been running this card for 2 year now and i just noticed that my idle temps went up by about 10C. It was running at 52-54 idle at first but it's now running at 60-62 idle since last week.I first thought that it was dust blocking the fan from doing it's job properly but that wasn't the problem.The fan is clean and spinning normally (a bit louder under load though).Also , the card doesn't seem to overheat when playing games and the temps under load are only higher by 2-3C.Other factors such as room and case temp haven't changed either.I'm using XG 97.44 drivers

Now i really don't what know if that's the case but i have heard that it may be the thermal paste wearing out , especially after 2 years.Is this a good possibility ? And if that's the case what can i do to fix it ? If no , what could be the problem ?

Thanks in advance for any help
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R.I.P. Babe Thread
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Default Re: Higher idle temps on 6800GT

It's been known for some drivers to raise temperatures, however, that usually isn't the main problem. You say there isn't dust blocking the fan, but did you actually remove the card from your computer, then remove the faceplate that covers the heatsink area? The dust doesn't build up inside the fan, but outside the fan on the fins of the heatsink. In other words, the comes in thru the heatsink and out the fan (blowing away from card instead of onto card). 6800 cards are well known for dust build-up in the heatsink. Besides, these cards do run warm anyway, but you shouldn't have to worry about it overheating, it'd have to get pretty damn hot to notice any weird behavior from it.

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Default Re: Higher idle temps on 6800GT

I'd suggest taking a close eye on the "delta" temp change, when a high load is taken off.. For example, run the RTHMBL (whatever its spelled) demo for like 10-15 mins to get your card nice and toasty, with a temperature monitor visible. When you stop the demo, your temps should drop like 8-10 C's(from say 85 C) in a few seconds. If it doesn't, I would bet you have a very heavy dust build up somewhere.

If you have the first generation of 6800GT's, the one with the single big fan on the side, you most definitely want to take off the top plate, and be surprised to see the "wall" of dust.

The 2nd generation of 6800GT's with two fans seem to have more space between the fans and fins, and probably are more forgiving.. I should probably check..

My 1st gen 6800GT was rma'd after 2 years of use. It never reached 120 degs, but I suspect the high temps brought it to an early death. It was replaced with a 2nd gen.
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