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Default nforce2 drivers

Does anyboy know when or if nvidia is going to make sstandalone AGP drivers for the nofrce2 chipset or at least realease the speces so the community can make one so i don't have to fork out $300 for a new Nvidia base video card?( i already forked out $169 for this nforce2 base mobo)
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Question Why a new graphics card?

These feelings I recognise and concur with, but my ATI 9700 Pro is dearer to me than this nice nForce2. Especially now the new VIA KN400 Chipset seems to perform on par with the nForce2, so just change the motherboard. I understand that the VIA chipsets generally do pretty well under linux (and they're open).

Especially since NVidia communicates like a brick on this subject. I've sent them multiple questions per e-mail. I even offered my machine as a test-bed (But I'm sure they'll have enough of them allready but I received no answer. A short message in the style of:
"linux = low priority at the moment, with the new 3D-cards and all, but here's the spec to do it yourself."
"we're waiting for the new kernel to arrive , expect drivers a month after that."

Furthermore: this sucker has done a little kernel hacking and I have even tried to reverse engineer the agpgart control-registers with an old GeForce-card. After a lot of looking around and not finding any-one with a hint of success. It seems to me that another motherboard is the last viable option.

Such a shame.
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dear sir , i also own a radeon 9500 pro , and i have owned a via chipset, which they do peform pretty well in linux , but i cant justify buying another motherobard just 2 weeks after this one. and all the hype the nvidia puts out about supporting the linux community , it only seems right that they support us in this subject area. please keep me informed on your porgress. another question : why is the nforce2 ide drivers in the kernel 2x slower the the via chipset drivers (20mb/sec with the nforce2 set 48.2mb/sec with the via set)? if there isanything you would lkie me to test as far as code goes , i would be more than happy to , i am running a source base linux distro so everything on my box should be standarized
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