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Question Slackware and nvidia 1.0-4191

[AMD Duron 1GHz, M/B VIA KT 266A, vga nVidia GForce 2 MX 64 MB]

My BOX runs Slackware 8.1 with kernel 2.4.20 (not SMP).
The kernel and the nvidia drivers were compilled with gcc 3.1.
agpgart is compilled as a module.
[The default kernel was 2.4.18]
I run XFRee86 4.2.0 (as provided by the Slackware distro)
I have downloaded and installed the nVidia driver (kernel + GLX) version 1.0-4191 (source tar format).The installation was completed succesfully (i got a message that loading will taint the kernel but the modules and libs were compilled succesfully).

The install scripts put in my /etc/modules.conf the line
alias char-major-195 nvidia

I have changed my XF86Config file according to the manual provided by nVidia.

When I start the X11, i am entering the X "enviroment", the big splash screen of nvidia appears, then the splash screen of the KDE 3 apperas starting loading the services and finally crashes at the point of "loading window manager. Ctrl+alt+<- doesnt work so i have to reset.

Watcing the XFree86.0.log in /var/log i see that i get no error or warning messages (except from the last message that says that can't load pseydo fonts)...

I have noticed that after each rebbot when i give the lsmod command i don't see the nvidia module loaded although ti should be loaded via modprobe (there is an entry in /etc/modules.conf)
So i insmod the module nvidia (loaded with warnings) and then giving again the lsmod command i see that the module is loaded.

Giving the command xdpyinfo i get this back:
xdpyinfo: unable to open display ""

Could anyone help plz?
Any ideas?

Thank you for your time
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Just having an alias in /etc/modules.conf does not autoload the module at boot time. All it does is set things up so that whenever the module is first needed, it gets loaded.

And xdpyinfo said it couldn't connect to the display because you didn't have an X server running at the time.

As for the error starting X, I know at least one person has had that problem (freeze when loading the window manager) before, but I don't remember the solution (or whether there even was one). Maybe try searching for something like "freeze loading window manager" in just this forum? Obviously this thread will come back, but I bet more will too.

If you can't find anything, then maybe moving back to driver 3123 might help? I kind of doubt it, but maybe. In 3123, though, your modules.conf alias is going to have to change to NVdriver rather than nvidia, but that's not hard to edit.
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Thnx man
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