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Default Re: Ballistix bad...."again"

Originally Posted by Xion X2
If you're tired of RAM problems, then you definitely don't want to go with a 680i board. I don't think there's been anything definitively proven yet, but a lot--and I stress that a *LOT* of people have reported bad memory after using the 680i for a few months. Makes you wonder if there's something to that.

On top of that, they're unreliable as hell. Had 3 of them go kaput on me in a period of 3 months.
Yeah i really don't know what to do.
I'll prolly save up at least 2g and then purchase it. I got other priorities right now, the only game i'm playing as of right now is WoW so I really don't "need" all that jazz. But we'll see...Soon enough, soon enough!

I'm in no huge rush to get upgrades, one thing I'll probably ask my mom for is for the Coolit Freezone unit. That will do me very good. And to the poster that said sell my current stuff to help fund the upgrades. That is a good idea but I like handing this stuff down or toss it in a spare rig and let my dad take use of it.
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Default Re: Ballistix bad...."again"

Originally Posted by Roliath
That is a good idea but I like handing this stuff down or toss it in a spare rig and let my dad take use of it.
That's better than selling it if you have the luxury. Non-profits are also good for hand-me downs, then you can write it off as a deduction. Just what the Boys and Girls Club needs: a watercooled Opteron 175 gaming rig!

The Conroes are going to be dropping in price drastically in 1-2 months (hence the bundle sales now), so it's not a bad idea to wait.
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Default Re: Ballistix bad...."again"

I don't get why the 680i's are designed to be hot w/ active cooling.

Several things need to be fixed w/ computer parts in my opinion:

passive northbridge and passive sb cooling w/ temps no higher than 45 C load
8 or 10 layer pcbs (I don't think 6 is enough.)
smarter ram voltage detection
designed to hold heavier hsf w/o having to mod the board
higher network performance and ultra wide band
like 90 pci-e 2.0 lanes b/c 46 pci-e lanes is kind of weak.
creative labs X-fi pci-e x1, no problems, and internally 24bit/192 or 96
a pci-e x4 or x8 aegeia ppu
sli and crossfire supported on every chipset. full speed.
nothing else made in a legacy pci version

Too much needs to be changed. Technology is not advancing anywhere near as fast as it should be. And that makes my life hell.
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Default Re: Ballistix bad...."again"

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Default Re: Ballistix bad...."again"

the crucial ballisitx ddr had a tendency to die after a while. At 2.8V, somehow they run very hot actually. Many ppl ran that ram with active cooling, but it still dies. Although when they work, they're one of the best DDR rams available. As far as I know, between 400 and 480, they have better timing than TCCD, but they don't scale as high as TCCD. So crucial ballisitix was like a hybrid of good old BH5 and TCCD, without the need for high voltage.
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Default Re: Ballistix bad...."again"

I have this memory DO NOT USE 2.8v, 2.75v should be the max the memory gets hot to start with i've had the memory over a year now and has never failed on me. Well technically it's Crucial Ballisitix Tracer memory but the only diffrence is the lights on it.
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