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Default 9746 8800GTS kernel bug leaving X-session

boot to runlevel 3

startx -- -logverbose 6

NVIDIA logo is displayed and X-session starts properly.
Logout from X-session (doesn't seem to matter how long X is running).
Screen goes black, but green light is still lit on monitor, so not in power saving
Load average goes over 10.
After a few seconds there is a "beep" sound.
Screen stays black.
dmesg and syslog have:

BUG: soft lockup detected on CPU#0!
[<c04051db>] dump_trace+0x69/0x1af
[<c0405339>] show_trace_log_lvl+0x18/0x2c
[<c04058ed>] show_trace+0xf/0x11
[<c04059ea>] dump_stack+0x15/0x17
[<c044da6d>] softlockup_tick+0xad/0xc4
[<c042e57a>] update_process_times+0x39/0x5c
[<c0418914>] smp_apic_timer_interrupt+0x5c/0x64
[<c0404ad3>] apic_timer_interrupt+0x1f/0x24
DWARF2 unwinder stuck at apic_timer_interrupt+0x1f/0x24
Leftover inexact backtrace:
[<f9849b1e>] _nv004862rm+0x52/0x58 [nvidia]
[<f984a37b>] _nv008243rm+0x37/0x5c [nvidia]
[<f9849b38>] _nv004850rm+0x14/0x24 [nvidia]
[<f984bb0a>] _nv000120rm+0xee/0x114 [nvidia]
[<f984a3cb>] _nv008250rm+0x2b/0x34 [nvidia]
[<f98534d4>] _nv000216rm+0x18/0x2c [nvidia]
[<f984f857>] _nv000183rm+0xb/0x34 [nvidia]
[<f984a318>] _nv000309rm+0x80/0x98 [nvidia]
[<f984a308>] _nv000309rm+0x70/0x98 [nvidia]
[<f984a2a8>] _nv000309rm+0x10/0x98 [nvidia]
[<f984a042>] _nv003901rm+0x186/0x1c4 [nvidia]
[<f9aaa69e>] _nv004950rm+0x46/0xac [nvidia]
[<f983e578>] _nv003391rm+0xbc/0x348 [nvidia]
[<f983e561>] _nv003391rm+0xa5/0x348 [nvidia]
[<f999d03b>] _nv000871rm+0x4b/0x60 [nvidia]
[<f9948178>] _nv000917rm+0x810/0x98c [nvidia]
[<f98445ee>] _nv002536rm+0x2d2/0x534 [nvidia]
[<f98445a8>] _nv002536rm+0x28c/0x534 [nvidia]
[<f98a66c6>] _nv007005rm+0x196/0x2c0 [nvidia]
[<f98a66de>] _nv007005rm+0x1ae/0x2c0 [nvidia]
[<f9844e25>] _nv002668rm+0x471/0x720 [nvidia]
[<f983fa66>] _nv003371rm+0x32/0x38 [nvidia]
[<f9a2b30f>] _nv007213rm+0x23/0x28 [nvidia]
[<f980f943>] _nv011974rm+0x83/0xc4 [nvidia]
[<f983db2e>] _nv003397rm+0x12/0x18 [nvidia]
[<f9846846>] rm_change_res_mode+0x32/0xe8 [nvidia]
[<f98468d3>] rm_change_res_mode+0xbf/0xe8 [nvidia]
[<f9848e74>] _nv002552rm+0x304/0x770 [nvidia]
[<f9b5b6e5>] os_pci_read_dword+0x2b/0x34 [nvidia]
[<f984680c>] rm_ioctl+0x1c/0x24 [nvidia]
[<c04e8a82>] copy_from_user+0x40/0x6c
[<f9b59083>] nv_kern_ioctl+0x2fc/0x36d [nvidia]
[<c045fec9>] free_pgtables+0x90/0xa3
[<f9b592f1>] nv_kern_vma_release+0x6c/0x132 [nvidia]
[<f9b59129>] nv_kern_unlocked_ioctl+0x18/0x1d [nvidia]
[<f9b59111>] nv_kern_unlocked_ioctl+0x0/0x1d [nvidia]
[<c047f1d7>] do_ioctl+0x1f/0x62
[<c047f464>] vfs_ioctl+0x24a/0x25c
[<c047f4c2>] sys_ioctl+0x4c/0x66
[<c0404013>] syscall_call+0x7/0xb

Can still login remotely with ssh to shutdown.

I have nvidia-bug-reports both before the BUG (while X-session is running) and
after the BUG (while screen is blank and logged in remotely with ssh).
IF i can figure out how to attach a file...

BFGR88640GTSE BFG Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS
Asrock 939DUAL-VSTA with latest BIOS
AMD Athlon64 3700+
Hannsg HW191D monitor
Linux goth.rogera.net 2.6.18-1.2869.fc6 #1 SMP Wed Dec 20 14:51:19 EST 2006 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux

Fedora Core 6 with atrpms packages
[root@goth ~]# rpm -qa | grep -i nvidia | sort

Would it help debugging if I:

reported this problem somewhere else (this is my first post to nvnews)?
didn't load the lirc modules?
didn't boot with vga=792?
loaded fewer modules in xorg.conf?

Any other suggestions?
Attached Files
File Type: zip nvidia-bug-reports.zip (66.2 KB, 141 views)
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Default Re: 9746 8800GTS kernel bug leaving X-session

Yes, I'd be curious whether this problem persists if you are not booting with vga=792 (and/or vesafb support).

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Default Re: 9746 8800GTS kernel bug leaving X-session

Yes, Lonni, removing the vga=792 works around the problem.

I had tried to search for "8800 kernel bug", but didn't get any hits.

Now, After searching for "8800", I found this thread that also mentions
not using framebuffer consoles:


Thanks for the quick and accurate response.

If a future version of the nvidia linux drivers allows G80's to work with
framebuffer consoles, I hope that it gets mentioned in the release notes.
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NVIDIA Corporation
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Default Re: 9746 8800GTS kernel bug leaving X-session

Thanks, I've opened bug 280128 for this issue.
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Default Re: 9746 8800GTS kernel bug leaving X-session - fixed with 9755

After upgrading from 9746 to 9755, I can boot an 8800GTS with vga=792.

[root@goth ~]# cat /proc/cmdline
ro root=LABEL=/ 3 vga=792

I can run startx and logout repeatedly without a kernel bug. It just drops back to the normal console prompt.


Thanks for taking care of this.
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