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Default Vanguard: Things I wish I had known when I started

Ok a long time ago (few months after EQ2 came out) someone made an official forum thread with the same title. I've farted around for a couple of hours now and I have so many questions. Even being a very experienced EQ1/EQ2/WoW player, the game is still a bit overwhelming at first. Maybe being a total newb would have been better than starting out with all this other MMO crap in my head

Maybe some of you guys/gals that have been in this game awhile now have some tips and general knowledge pointers?

I know almost nothing, but here goes. Maybe if people start adding things I can combine all the tips up on this 1st post as time goes on (or maybe this is a stupid idea)?

-To drag a spell icon, left click and hold down for about 2 full seconds, then move it.

-You can move while casting, you just need to keep the Mob (NPC) tarted in a 180 degree forward arch of your charcter for the spell to fire

-You get a pet (abomination) at level 4
-This pet operates a lot like EQ2 and WoW pets
-At level 10 you can start collecting body parts for this pet
-These body parts allow you to customize your pet (damage, tanking, etc)
-Interview with the Necro class designer: http://vgnecro.com/article/VGNecro-takes-Avair-Hostage

SOE is going to start hosting their own Vent servers. Possibly only for Station Pass subscribers.
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Default Re: Vanguard: Things I wish I had known when I started

If you want to hotlink a weapon or item in chat, [shift-left click item] and drag to the chat box

Make a Macro [Assist Button as example]
Right click on a blank spot on your hotbar. For the first line typ your message [/group Now assisting %TD]. On the next line [/assist %TD]. Then choose an icon and accept.
%TD = Defensive Target
%TO = Offensive Target
%TO can be used as an "Incoming" macro. Type [/group incoming %TO]

If you can't find your corpse and your waypoint is messed up : Find the general area of your cropse and type [/targetmynextcorpse]. If looking for another persons cropse type [/targetnextcorpse]. You can of course make a macro to do this as well.

If a corpse is "stuck" in the world, or you can't reach it, you can throw them a rope to drag the corpse to you (corpse drag won't work if corpse is "stuck"). Type [/rope] while targeted on the corpse.

God Mode [/BRAD]
Satan Mode [/SOE]

Kidding on the last 2 of course...lol

On Any Given Sunday!
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Default Re: Vanguard: Things I wish I had known when I started

If you want to hotlink a weapon or item in chat, [shift-left click item] and drag to the chat box
You actually don't have to drag it. Just shift/left click.

Here's my tip of the day:

When moving items around in your inventory, drag to the lower right of the slot you want to put the item in. This is the best way to avoid the ridiculously small hotspots that cause you to redo a drag 4-5 times before it finally takes.

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