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Default Re: LOTR-O

Originally Posted by Hambone
A toaster could run WoW.
I love it when people come into my work and say "I need a really good video card."..."Oh, what are you using it for? What games?"..."WOW"..."Ahh...well, just about any card I have in stock should run that well..."...

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Xion X2
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Default Re: LOTR-O

Originally Posted by Hambone
A toaster could run WoW.
You have a point ( ), but I would rather have a game that looks like WoW and runs silky smooth than a game that looks like EQ2 and presents me a slideshow.

So if you want you can disregard my comment about WoW and compare it to Vanguard, if you wish. Vanguard is a brand new game that looks worlds better than EQ2 and runs much better on current hardware. Hopefully this will be fixed with a new driver, but right now EQ2 is really lacking in the polish department when it comes to performance.

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Default Re: LOTR-O

I'am in beta right now and really enjoying it so far. Graphics seem very polished as well as the quests. Iam playing on Brandywine and the community seems very good, people helping here and there. Very nice game so far and I have been playing EQ2 for a long time until now.
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Default Re: LOTR-O

I've been playing since Beta 2 and I admit, LOTRO is rather simplistic. It is NOT for hardcore MMo'ers, that sounds like Vanguards gig. But for newcomers to the concept and old farts like me who just wanna have fun, its been a hoot. For what it is, I think its very polished.

I'd like to hope that as they expand, they would add more depth to it, but that would involve some basic concept changes that I'm not sure they do. Anywho, for now, its fun and well done, IMO.
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Default Re: LOTR-O

IMO Laz hit the nail on the head. I'd rather have a game with the depth of VSOH but the bottonm line is it just wasn't any fun. There are many reasons but I'll just leave it at that lowest common denominator-if the game isn't fun there is no sense paying for it.
Now maybe the LOTR "newness" will wear off and the gameplay will get boring and so I'll move on. There are plenty of MMOs coming out over the next year.
It's just a shame the VSOH got off wrong, in today's gaming world not many can recover from a bad start.
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Default Re: LOTR-O

LOTRO is a good time. I've been in since closed beta. Sure, it's not perfect but its fitting my play style very well.
Graphics are really nice and quests are the best I've ever seen in an MMO.
DDO was a huge disappointment for me but Turbine appears to be doing a much better job with LOTRO so far. I am waiting to see what is added/fixed in the first big content patch coming in the next month. That will tell a lot in my opinion about Turbine's capabilities and LOTRO's future.
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Default Re: LOTR-O

This game is the farking piznit of the sasquatches butnuttter fly contraption of all time...so far. Dont worry thats a good ting.
Im getting the $199 lifetime vesion. Makes most sense to me.

Its got all the best parts of wow, eq2, etc and it looks friggin badass! 1920X1200 eveything exteme and crazy high.. aa/af you name it.8800gtx anad oc'd quad core mind you but its cool anyhow.
It also loves vista... i actually installed it as adiministator the first time and they said that was a nono.. first time ive ever seen a game do that..
you can even /smoke and your toon pulls out a fat sack of old tobey and lights up.. that is that did ir for me right there...
image while waiting for a raid rest up everyone all smoking out together...
awesome!!! lol
anyhow my name is Highknee/Kneehigh I dont know how servers work but i always choose brandywine.
I'm in a bloated guild with 900 members that i can't remember the name of right now...
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Default Re: LOTR-O

199 for lifetime subscription just about shows the low level of confidence the devs have in their product. I guess they are hoping the game wont last a year, so they can make a profit on these lifetime memberships!!!!
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Default Re: LOTR-O

I am also liking LOTR-O I have had it for a week now (pre-order) and it is a nice game it does play a lot like WOW but thats not a bad thing. Graphics wise it is really nice much better than WOW (well that is a two year old game). I put the full DVD issue in to get the hi res textures and it looks even better now
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Default Re: LOTR-O

I was supposed to get it in the mail today BUT NOOOOOOOOO the bastereds left it at the post office and said the box was to big! and before I knew about it the post office was closed
Does it come in a box or what?

I always get ordinary dvd box games in the mail...

god dammit *mad*
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Default Re: LOTR-O

Originally Posted by lIqUID
the game is crap.

horrid graphics, horrid gameplay and basically not a single enjoyable aspect to it at all. I'll stick with WOW until Warhammer Online comes out.
You must be blind and/or very obtuse since it's a very good looking game and plays a lot like WoW in many ways.

Just playing musical instruments is more interesting than anything I can think of in another mmo. It's great to wander around in and perfect for someone that doesn't have time for all the catassers in WoW.

I am very curious how future content will work (how fast, what they add), but so far it's fun and very polished for a new release mmo. They had a lengthy beta period and put it to good use. If they can keep up with content releases to add more areas and expand on what's already there, I'll keep paying to explore it.
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Default Re: LOTR-O

Originally Posted by Badboy_12345
I was supposed to get it in the mail today BUT NOOOOOOOOO the bastereds left it at the post office and said the box was to big! and before I knew about it the post office was closed
Does it come in a box or what?

I always get ordinary dvd box games in the mail...

god dammit *mad*
Its a small box, unless you got like the special edition that might be big.

I also got the $199 lifetime membership. Seems like a good deal to me.
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