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Default Re: Massive AMD Price Drops on X2 6000+ and X2 5600+

Originally Posted by SH0DAN
Another thing that needs serious deep cuts,are executive salaries in AMD's board room.
Based on consumer reports, none of the employees @ AMD are getting much right now.

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Default Re: Massive AMD Price Drops on X2 6000+ and X2 5600+

Wow. For the price I payed for my 4300, I could have gotten a 5200+.
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Default Re: Massive AMD Price Drops on X2 6000+ and X2 5600+

Good grief, why does AMD need so many different sockets this is getting ridiculously. I really haven't been keeping up like I should ever since I got my Intel chip. I know AM2 and socket F are different but is AM2+ 940 pin? I am assuming AM3 is a all new socket to?

EDIT: nm I read some.

A motherboard with an AM2 socket will be compatible with AM2 and AM2+ CPU and vice versa. Also, according to the same manufacturer, future AM3 processors using 45nm fabrication process and compatible with DDR2 and DDR3 will be compatible with current motherboards. AM2 and AM2+ processors will not, however, be compatible with AM3 motherboards as the latter is restricted to DDR3. Of course, with AM2 sockets, future AM2+ quad core processors will not express their full potential: they will not work with HyperTransport 3.0 but with 1.0, and the distinct voltage between the cores and the memory controller will not be possible.
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Default Re: Massive AMD Price Drops on X2 6000+ and X2 5600+

The price cuts looks good ,but since it will not work in any of my s939 motherboards,I can see getting one when you have to get new memory and a motherboard,might as well get a C2D since they are faster ,but I would like to see AMD get back in the game ,and I am sure they are working hard to do just that.
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