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Default Vista - Problems With Lots of Folders

I have about 160GB's of MP3's divided into main category folders with subfolders by artist names.

Maybe 60-70GB of that is in a folder called "ROCK".

Clicking on that folder to exanded it sends Vista into a 5 minute journey of constant HD access during which time Explorer stops responding. I do see the green bar at the top slowly move across. (after this is over) Clicking on one of the album folders in there does the exact thing same - even though there will only be 8-18 songs or so per album folder.

XP didn't do this. Drive indexing on this drive is off.

Any thoughts on anything I could do? This is enough to push me back into XP.

edit: after a couple of reboots I still had the same problem and it got even worse. Smaller folders gave the same problems. I tried disabling some stuff in MSCONFIG, even though not much was there:
-Nero Home
-Nero AG NeroCheck
-Quick Time
-MS Office XP

Now everything is fine and drive response to is faster than XP was. I can only assume that one of the things above (itunes probably) was scanning the drive or something locking it up... ?
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Default Re: Vista - Problems With Lots of Folders

it could have been nero scout or whatever. it monitors folders with media in it, such as your mp3's.
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Default Re: Vista - Problems With Lots of Folders

I wonder if it was indexing while you had some apps running in the background?

I've never seen it slowdown like that before, unless it was the first run of onecare or a deep index scan. And even then it was not quite that slow.
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Default Re: Vista - Problems With Lots of Folders

go to

Control Panel->System Maintenance->Administrative Tools->Reliability and Performance Monitor.

Specifically look at the disk activity and you'll see what process is constantly paging the hard drive every time you open the folder.
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Default Re: Vista - Problems With Lots of Folders

Oh old Perfmon reborn. I started looking for that and gave up - meaning to read up on a Vista version later, thanks!

NeroCheck: "nerocheck.exe is a process associated the with Nero CD writing software. It is used to install or control the Nero driver nerocd2k.sys application. This process should not be removed while using the Nero CD Writing software."

My best guess would be that Itunes doing some kind of index on the HD again trying to re-sync MP3's or something. It had to have been either Nero or Itunes.

Aside from a couple of hiccups like this Vista seems really good.
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