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Default Sega pushs Sonic

A new animated cartoon, toys, and games on the way in 2003.

In an effort to turn around its recent slipping financial earnings, Sega today announced the secret to its success in the year 2003: Sonic the Hedgehog. The company has revealed plans to turn the spiky-haired trademark character into the Nintendo equivalent of Pokemon through an animated television show, a new line of Sonic toys, and -- of course -- many more great Sonic videogame titles.

Debuting in Japan this April, the new Sonic animated television series will also hit the U.S. and European airwaves later this fall. Although Sega has already produced a Sonic cartoon series here in the States, the company is planning to work more closely on the new Japanese production to bolster Sonic's new image both here and abroad.

Sega's toy unit is also following the latest Japanese trends as it ramps up production for an all-new line of Sonic collectables and action figures. And let's not forget about the videogames -- Sega plans to put out four brand-new Sonic titles in Japan alone and a whopping five here in the U.S. and in Europe, where the series has traditionally been much more popular.

If all goes according to plan, Sega will give new life to its Sonic figurehead and put the company back into the forefront of the gaming and entertainment communities with this new 2003 strategy.

Speaking on the new plan, Sega's respected head of Sonic development, Yuji Naka, says that, "This means our dream comes true. The next business year will become the Sonic year for Sega group, centered on the TV program. We would like to make Sonic as big as Pokemon."

No secret Sega is not in good shape with five consecutive years of losses. It also remains to be seen how well this merger with Sammy Corp turns out.

Its understandable leveraging a well known series, but is this going to work as well as they expect? Just might be a good way to oversaturate the market and kill a franchise.

Seems kind of smart and sad at the same time. Abandon ship, the ship is sinking?
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Actually, isn't this exactly how Sonic used to be in the Genesis days? I remember there not being one, but TWO Sonic cartoons (though only one was good). And if you've gotten Sega Visions in the past, you'll probably remember all the Sonic related mechandise in it (sleeping bags, tents, flashlights, you name it). Well, I'm not sure if this is really a good or bad thing, I guess Sonic is very marketable so it would make sense to start doing more with it then just games. If Sega can get another source of income then maybe they can pay back all the money that they're in debt, and hopefully get back into the game buisness full force! Though they have been really good as a third-party developer.
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Meh, Sega own j00
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mmm sonic

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