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Default Anyone Know Which Files To Copy For Windows Fax & Scan

There is one feature in Windows Ultimate (& Business) that I could use and that's Fax and Scan. I don't use it often, but about every month or so I used it in XP, so it's something I want, but not enough to pay $$$$ for it.

I installed Ultimate edition (just skipped the CD key part and choose Ultimate installation). I see the obvious files to copy (anything with fax in it), but anyone know of additional *.dll files, etc that I might need?

Also… when I go back to premium, which I will have to after 30 days, will Vista give me a “naughty” message and say that the program is not for this version of Vista??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Default Re: Anyone Know Which Files To Copy For Windows Fax & Scan

i don't know about the message, but there is allot more to it, then just copying exe and dll files

for one there will be tons of registry enties, and probably some license files.
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