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Default nForce 2 IGP

Hi i have just installed the nForce 2 drivers for my motherboard with nForce 2 IGP+MCP.
Anyhow everything works fine the only thing is i cant get my resolution higher then 1024x785 32bit color.

If i change to a higher resolution i get a 16bit color MAX!!?
is there a way i can change this?? because i am losing my Colors like this.
And with a big monitor like mines i cant have my resolution on 1024x785 that really sux.

I hope anybody can help me on this 1.
Or is it a bug?

Anyhow hope to hear something about it.
PS. cant i run my Intergrated Graphics Processor on 8x AGP??
like i see on my windows its on 4x AGP 64MB.

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Sounds like you may have not enough frame buffer memory allocated. Does your BIOS allow you to determine the frame buffer memory size of the IGP video? For example, the nForce2 Shuttle allows BIOS settings of 32/64/128 MB for IGP video memory.

The Shuttle BIOS also has setting for enabling AGP 8x. You may have this turned off in your BIOS too.
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Yes I have it on 64MB and i have all the options for AGP 8x support turned on.
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i found out that the mx 440 integrated is only on 4x, u cant run it at 8x sorry, as for the resolution thingy, i guess uve installed the nforce 2.03 drivers and have agp aperture and frame buffer size at a resonable MB, i have my agp aperture size to 256 (half of total ram)

hope this helps
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