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Default Geforce 7600

Ok before I even start, I must inform that we know very very little about linux, and that the computer that has linux on it, dosnt even have internet (making it hard to do a lot of things) we are using ubuntu!!!

Ok heres the deal, I download the linux driver, and try to run it, it says you need to turn off x server, wasnt sure how to do this, so i looked into it, the only way I know how to is by

sudo init 1

this works fine for disabling the x server, i think type the command to run the .run file, and then an error comes up saying it needs to be in runlevel 3, and tells me to type telinit 3 i do this, however, it makes it go back to the graphics (aka xserver) can someone please help. any programs or what not?
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Default Re: Geforce 7600

Not sure, but to stop your X type
sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop
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Default Re: Geforce 7600

ok i got it to stop, however, its just a black screen where i can type, if i do init 1, it gives the same black screen, but lets me type in commands.
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Default Re: Geforce 7600

After doing the "gdm stop" thing, you may need to press CTRL-ALT-F1 to get to a virtual console with a login prompt - by default, X normaly uses the 7th virtual console (CTRL-ALT-F7)

You will then have a login prompt - enter your normal username and password, and you will get to a shell prompt, just like a terminal within X.

I usually then enter "sudo bash" to get a bash shell (as opposed to dash, which Ubuntu uses as the default shell - this can cause problems with some shell scripts). Enter your password again, and you will now be logged in as root.

You will need to "cd" to the directory where you have saved the driver installation file, but it looks like you have managed to get that far already. ;-)

Oh, and you need to have the following packages installed (if I remember them correctly) - build-essential, xserver-xorg-dev, linux-headers.

Good luck, and let us know how you get on.

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