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Capt. Picard
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Default Fractions in MS Word.

I've got a problem ... again.

A collegue had on her computer, before I formatted the thing, a font under the Insert|Symbol function called MS Reference 1 and also a couple of other reference type fonts (Office XP and also 2003). These "fonts" are still on one of the other computers (that's how I know about it). Now the thing is that with those "fonts" one can create one-character fractions quite easily. But now the only "font" that is to be found on her computer is MS Reference Speciality. Now with that "font" one can also use a number of different fractions although you can't create any new ones ... for that, I know, you have to use Insert|Object|MS Equation 3.0. But even though that isn't to difficult for her to use for the first time she is still insistent to know why I can't bring back that MS Reference 1/2.

I'd like to tell her to just STFU, stop complaining and use what's available but I'm looking like an moron for not being able to explain it.
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Default Re: Fractions in MS Word.

Can't you just copy the fonts she needs from the Fonts folder of the computer that still has them to the one that doesn't?
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