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Default Nvidia Raid 9.92 WHQL Vista x64 x86 + Mediashield

Here are raid drivers v. 9.92 for Vista x64 and x86 WHQL.
There also updated mediashield application.

They solved the drives-off problem at reboot.


Last edited by famusc; 05-17-07 at 05:13 PM. Reason: Added x86 drivers
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Default Re: Nvidia Raid 9.92 WHQL Vista x64 + Mediashield

Have you tested these?? Nice find, where are they from?? Thx!! Will test now.

EDIT: Great find!!! These drivers work perfectly, much better than the 15.00 nforce driver. And even WHQL.. Thx again.
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Default Re: Nvidia Raid 9.92 WHQL Vista x64 + Mediashield

Yep working great here"
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Default Re: Nvidia Raid 9.92 WHQL Vista x64 + Mediashield

How many threads you gonna start about this driver??? I see 3 already!? Any more coming soon?? I think people know now... But hey, im really greatful you told me bout these... Im a real driverholic..
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