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Default Bug in GLSL compiler?


First of all I beg pardon if I post to the wrong forum, but I couldn't find anything more specific.

I'm writing an application that uses GLSL fragment shaders. I found that the driver crashes when glUniform1ivARB() is invoked for arrays of sampler2D variables.

I tried a similar shader in ShaderDesigner (freeware, can be downloaded here: http://www.typhoonlabs.com/) and the program exhibits quite a similar crash. Here's a simple fragment shader that will crash if you try to set the tex array from C:

uniform sampler2D tex [2];

void main ()
gl_FragColor = texture2D (tex [1], gl_TexCoord [0].xy);
This all happens on Linux/x86_64 (Fedora Core 6 with all latest updates), driver version 9755 packed from the Livna reposotory.

Is there any chance this will be fixed someday?
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Default Re: Bug in GLSL compiler?

I've used an array of shadowmaps with success on Quadro FX 4500,5500,4600 & 5600 cards.

#define NUMLIGHTS 8
uniform sampler2DShadow depthTex[NUMLIGHTS];
uniform mat4 cn_ShadowMat[NUMLIGHTS];
uniform float cn_ShadowSize[NUMLIGHTS];
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