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Default Re: 100.14.06 exiting X console crash

And you think with ATI you will have better support? Hint: you won't.

About the console/X issue: The only solution is in-kernel modesetting. With this, the drm kernel module will handle modes for both console and X - no more conflicts, no more two drivers fighting for the graphic card at the same time. Work is being done on this, it's planned for X.org 7.4.

This won't work with nvidia though, because they don't use the drm infrastructure. For this to work with the proprietary nvidia driver, they would need to write a proprietary framebuffer driver to go along with their X driver. They could have done this already, but they're just not interested and probably never will be.

PS. When I say drm, I don't mean 'digital rights management', I mean 'direct rendering manager' which is the infrastructure used by open source drivers.
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Default Re: 100.14.06 exiting X console crash

should i use the open source nvidia driver? i dont think so. maybe in any month or so but at the moment not really.

do i have the full opengl power with drm and xorg 7.4? maybe but i dont think so. i dont have a problem with "proprietary nvidia driver". i think its better to get the driver from the hardware developer not from other people.
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