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Default Re: Anti-spam policy

Originally Posted by Sazar
Not really.

You'd be surprised at how easy it is and how effective to have an over-view of the initial posts and it is a 1 (or 2) click process to approve.

Having a 10 post minimum is counter-productive when you consider the sheer number of new users coming in asking for help. You are essentially asking them to spam 10 posts in order to post links asking for help?

See the issue?
I had the same issue before. I wanted to post something helpful over at AVS forum, but since I couldn't post any links it wouldn't do any good, so I said screw it and I never returned there.

I'm assuming some lockdown is in place or someone is working on something since I can't see the memberslist anymore.
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Default Re: Anti-spam policy


This spam crap is crazy.

My suggestion:

A grace period of 2 days up to a week or so before a registered user can start posting. Spam accounts are typically "throw-away" so they most likely won't keep track of their username and password or even bother coming back in 2 days to post.
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