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Default Nvidia-100.14.09 and MTRR

I was playing around when i realized that my MTRR adresses aren't good.
I discovered this with xine-check

Please be patient, this script may take a while to run...
[ good ] you're using Linux, doing specific tests
[ good ] looks like you have a /proc filesystem mounted.
[ good ] You seem to have a reasonable kernel version (2.6.22-rc4-ck1)
[ good ] intel compatible processor, checking MTRR support
[ hint ] you have MTRR support but it's unused.
It seems like your X server didn't set any MTRR ranges for the
graphics card. Maybe upgrading your X server helps...
You don't have a PCI graphics card, do you? AFAIK, MTRR only
helps with AGP cards.
press <enter> to continue...

[ good ] found the player at /usr/bin/xine
[ good ] /usr/bin/xine is in your PATH
[ good ] found /usr/bin/xine-config in your PATH
[ good ] plugin directory /usr/lib/xine/plugins/1.1.7 exists.
[ good ] found unknown plugin: xineplug_flac.so
[ good ] found unknown plugin: xineplug_wavpack.so
[ good ] found input plugins
[ good ] found demux plugins
[ good ] found decoder plugins
[ good ] found video_out plugins
[ good ] found audio_out plugins
[ good ] skin directory /usr/share/xine/skins exists.
[ good ] found logo in /usr/share/xine/skins
[ good ] I even found some skins.
[ good ] /dev/cdrom points to /dev/hdc
[ good ] /dev/dvd points to /dev/hdc
WOWow something wrong, right? let's take a look:

cat /proc/mtrr
reg00: base=0x00000000 ( 0MB), size=2048MB: write-back, count=1
That's my RAM! So where is my graphic card?!

Let's take a look @ kernel..

grep MTRR /usr/src/linux/.config
Ok.. Fine where!
Which kernel, you ask? 2.6.22-rc4

Soooooo What am i doing wrong here?
nvidia bug report attached!

and.. please, help!

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File Type: bz2 nvidia-bug-report.log.bz2 (27.9 KB, 86 views)
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Default Re: Nvidia-100.14.09 and MTRR

The NVIDIA Linux graphics driver relies on the PAT (if available) to specify memory types for mappings, which provides greater flexibility than MTRRs. The xine check is misleading. It is also incorrect in that MTRRs are not tied to AGP hardware.
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Default Re: Nvidia-100.14.09 and MTRR

so.. since I don't have mtrr enabled in this case i'm using PAT?
humm ok fine!
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