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Default A few questions about hardware parts for a computer


I am choosing parts to buy for a friend, he has a tight budget, and he is looking for mainly a gaming computer, but only running older games mostly, like fifa, PES, GTA etc...

The parts I thought of are:

Graphic Card - Palit GeForce 8600GT

CPU - E6420 (Same price as the E6400 but more cache, so why not)

MB - ASUS P5B (Intel P965 Chipset)

He already has a hard drive, case and PSU from his old computer.

Now maby you have suggestions for different parts. Here are some info and my questions:

I read reviews for the 8600GT and it seems decent even in modern games, so surely it will be sufficent for him. It seems like the a good choice and not expensive.

CPU - Can I go down to E4300? or does the 8600GT requires a stronger CPU like the E6400 / E6420 I chose?

MB - I just chose the cheapest (asus) intel 965 chipset MB. It has a PCI-E slot and IDE slot and SATA slots... I think that is what he needs really.
No OC will be happening... is this MB decent for this CPU and graphic card? any other suggestions?
Also I would like a suggestion from a cheap MB (can be different brand) with two IDE connectors.

I would like a suggestion for a cheap 2gig DDR II memory (I understand you dont need an expensive brand memory for best results, and cheap memory will be fine as well).
Also for a 1gig DDR II memory (in case 2 gigs will be too expensive).

He is using a 19" Widescreen monitor, I think the resolution of those is 1440x900.
Will the graphic card be able to handle games on high settings at this resolution (old games and more modern games)?

Also would like to know how much watts and amper the "8600GT" erquires.

Thanks for the time
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Default Re: A few questions about hardware parts for a computer

If he mostly runs older games then I would'nt get a 8600GT ,The Radeon X1950XT 256mb will be more then twice as fast as the 8600GT and you can get one as low as $149 with rebate.Even a 7950GT would be a lot better then a 8600Gt but there a little higher aroung $179.But IMO I would get either a 7950GT or a Radeon X1950XT because they are going to be a lot faster then a 8600GT.I would just get the E4300 .I have one and it will do 3.5g at 1.45v but it runs a little warm so I keep it at 3.2gig .The extra 2mb of cache makes little difference when you are running it at 3.2gigs and you can't beat the price for a E4300.DDR2 Ram is cheap right now ,you can get two gigs for around $80.http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820609226
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Default Re: A few questions about hardware parts for a computer

The X1950XT costs a bit more than the 8600GT here, and the budget is tight as it is. But if choosing the E4300 there might be an option for the X1950XT, so:
He will not OC. Will the E4300 at default speeds be able to take advantage of an 8600GT or more importantly of an X1950XT ? or will a stronger CPU be needed like e E6400?

Thanks for the answer.
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Default Re: A few questions about hardware parts for a computer

computer games are fun
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