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View Poll Results: have you ever bought wow gold?
yes, i dont see a problem with it 14 33.33%
NO! 24 57.14%
i havent yet but i have been tempted 4 9.52%
Voters: 42. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 07-15-07, 09:10 AM   #37
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Default Re: have you ever bought wow gold?

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
I've done it and I'm not ashamed one bit. Unlike the anti gold farming advocates, I have a career and a life which includes a wife and family. Work and chores need to be done in real life. Working in a game that's supposed to be fun isn't on top of my priorities.
Yep, that's about where I am. I've bought "gold" in the past for:

I have a wife and one of those full time adult "job" things. From the start, even 50g in WoW can buy you some big bags, bank slots, and some better gear to take a lot of the stress off.

I think I've made 10 different gold transactions over the last few years and have never had a problem of any kind from doing it.

Also... I was a big user of Evercraft. I never used the "GM" Protection and ran 5 toons up to lvl 70 crafters. Even though the crafting system in EQ2 has been dumbed down really close to the moron level WoW crafting system, it's still a long grind fest to get to 70. I'd load a crafter up to where they could barely move - with all bank vault boxes in their bag slots and plan out a long craft grind for them - leaving them running from the time I got home from work till the time I got up in the morning. I kept waiting to get banned ... I was being so careless about it. I never heard anything about it at all. In fact there were crafting botters and Broker (auction house) botters that I swear were on 24/7 for weeks at a time. I made GM ticket complaints about one of these three times just to see if anything would ever happen, but it never did.
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Default Re: have you ever bought wow gold?

I havent, and I prolly never will.
Im already paying the monthly fee for the game, not gonna spend any more money on it.
Besides Im not all for supporting these type of activities after the annoyance of bots grinding up Q mobs etc.
But I can see the point where people buy gold instead of grind for it.
I havent really ever been grinding for gold, its just one of those things that trickle in via normal gameplay, and I dont spend at all much money ingame really..
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Smile Re: have you ever bought wow gold?

I have twice and so has my bf.

For my firsdt character I didnt, Ill admit.
But when I rolled my next character I did, basically it just made the game easier and faster for me and I loved the fact that I could afford things.

Would I do it again?
Hell yes.

TRhe game is there for you to play it however you want to and I dont condone people telling others "morally" how the game should be played.

Ill play it my way thanks....and that involves having a comfortable gold allowance
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Default Re: have you ever bought wow gold?

Originally Posted by Son Goku
When the day is done, and no I can't prove this; but I'd bet bottom to dollar that many of these gold sellers, are the same people who are hacking into people's accounts and stealing their gold, probably to resell. I've been hearing of more of this lattely, such as just the other week our guild master losign 4,200 gold when he was saving up for an epic mount. This was followed by about 20 people in guild all reporting in a short time after they had been hacked also.
Now how does this happen?
I have heard of people have things taken from thier accounts but these were people that were silly enough to pay for levelling and had to giove over thier usernames and passwords in order for this to happen.

At the end of the day...I dont tell people how to play thier game and I wish not to be told myself but, if your silly enough to givew out your account details to a stranger...then.................................
Guns dont kill people, Magic missiles do!
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Default Re: have you ever bought wow gold?

countless accounts get stolen via keyloggers when idiots visit the wrong sites using unpatched internet explorers.

Arguing about buying gold is dumb, you can't do much with it except get your epic flyer. I finally saved up 5k for my epic flyer, and thanks to the new dailies for netherwing, I have allready made 1800g back in less then 2 weeks and easily make 100g a day in dailies. Whats worse, I have nothing to spend it on. You cant buy many descent armors or other items of worthwhile. You either get your stuff in group dungions, pvp, gaining factions, raiding, or max out tradeskills and obtain the rare recipies.
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Son Goku
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Default Re: have you ever bought wow gold?

The exact particulars of how they do it, not entirely certain. But no way in hell am I convinced that Blizzard's network is "perfectly secure", when there really is no such things, and corporations and military networks can get broaken into, which makes the news from time to time. Now add to this that Blizzard doesn't even require case sensitive passwords (try it sometime, ignore case while entering your password), doesn't enforce a password experiation time, etc...

Thing is, these gold farmers aren't just solo individuals, but seem larger then that. And the idea that some rather savy hackers might be in their ranks/possible employ? wouldn't surprise me.

This said, a druid in my main's new guild was away for several days, and had their account hacked into also. The background of what they might/might not have done, don't know. But they came back from vacation to find all their alts deleted, an alt at quite low lvl crreated, and their main having logged off in Uldaman. All of their druid's gear, except their tanking gear, was vendored with money gone also. We sorta laughed, and were surprised that the gold farmer woulda kept the tanking gear, but scrapped the DPS/cat form gear, to go farming lowbie instances with.
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