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Angry HELP! Timings/Voltage e6600/680i

Hello to all, I am building a system and i have had nothing but problems out of it. bios locking up, ram settings resetting, bad stick of ram..etc..

I'm getting everything RMA'd that is bad. So I can start fresh. However.. I am wanting to make sure I setup the bios properly. I don't want to overclock anything (yet) I just want to setup everything so that it is 100% stable and no more random crashes.

~~My System~~
eVGA 680i Motherboard
Intel e6600 Duo Core 2.4GHz CPU
2x 1gb OCZ SLI-Ready (nvidia branded) PC2-8500 5-5-5-15 RAM
2x 8800GTX 768 Standard vid cards
150gb 10K RPM Hard drive
Onboard Sound
Stock Cooling on CPU
Airflow Case. Using the Antec 900 Case, 120mm fan up top. 2 front intakes and 1 out ... vent on the side.

I'm wanting to know the appropriate voltages and timings, etc to make sure this beast is going to run stable on WinXP Pro (im too afraid to try vista now)

I'm currently using everything on "auto" all of these problems started when i tried to ENable SLI on the RAM, and link them.. or try to keep the clock/fsb both at 1067/1067. it wont run it at all. not at any voltage. so im currently using ram at 800/1067@2.1v and CPU @ 1.2v with factory settings on fsb.
I cant even use a 2nd stick of ram now.. so down to 1gig until ram gets here

Via the nVidia.Monitor here are my temps as im idle now typing this.
CPU 41
System 42
GPU1 58
GPU2 68

I've read many places, sites, forums and have tried various dif bios settings. None of which seem to be running very stable. I called eVGA they had me do a simple bios flash via jumper.. I rebooted and I got an ntldr error /ugg Had to reformat.

So... when i get all these new parts back, I'm wanting to make sure I do everything 100% correct. I'm tired of fooling around with it so much.

Thank you in advance for any hints, tips, links, suggestions you can provide

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Default Re: HELP! Timings/Voltage e6600/680i

For starters, for some reason seems a lot of people have been having problems with the OCZ PC8500 memory, and not just 680i owners either. Local shop stopped selling it all together as there were just too many DOA sticks, sticks dying within a month and sticks just not capable of running at their stated speeds.

What do you have for a psu??

I had nothing but problems with the 680i boards, rma'd 3 of them but for what ever reason I've had no problems with this LT and neither have any of my friends, no idea what the difference would be.


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Default Re: HELP! Timings/Voltage e6600/680i

I am using a TopPower 1,000 Watt Power Supply. No Power issues here, that is for sure.
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