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Default Is xinerama disabling nvidia's Rotate-Acceleration?


i would like to use a 3 22" TFT Setup where all Screens are rotated.
GPUs would be a onboard nvidia6150 and a pci-e nvidia7600.

A few years ago i used a similiar setup and the problem was that xinerama + rotate made scrolling webpages and moving windows so slow that is was barely usuable.
IIRC though this was at a time when there was not even Rotate available with the nvidia driver and i had to use the nv-driver which clearly states in the manpage that Rotation is unaccelerated.

AFAIK nvidias rotate is accelerated, right?
But i heard that with xinerama you (in general?) lose all acceleration.
Therefore would i lose nvidias acceleration as soon as i use xinerama?

I dont need 3D, randr or composite, i just want a somewhat fast 2D mode for smooth scrolling, window-moving and watching a movie once in a while.
The CPU would be a Athlon-X2-4400.

Thx alot.
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