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Default Re: "They" looks different!

New screens , trailer & info.
You will have a basic weapon with four upgrade slots, which can be individualized on demand to attach the tool and segment of your choice. There are hundreds of updates, modules, upgrades and stuff for YOUR baby to customize it on your own. So the player can create setups and save them to his used 1-0 slots (PC) or defined slots for the consoles – so you could switch between like each player is familiar with in common FPS games.
Features :
* Great new nextgen techniques to create an impressive look based on latest Dx10 3D engine technology. The so-called NextNitrous engine will be used to create Hollywood like effects, (e.g. transparent look of “THEY” with glows and shine effects)
* each player can edit his weapon with own skins, so your baby could be really individualized with camouflage, tattoo like tribals, skulls – even the picture of your girlfriend might be attached on the skin of the weapon, if it would exist in the game.
* Unique Weapon system – The standard weapon of a soldier in the future is an extremely flexible gun, which can be customized by its user on HIS special demands and preferences. This means the weapon is YOURS – it is YOUR baby and YOUR best friend and there are several ways to tune functionality and enhance the look and feel…
* mysterious science fiction background story
* diversified enemies - thrilling and intelligent
* heroes to identify with
* heavy usage of physics
* destructible environment relevant for gameplay
* haunting single player mode
* versatile multiplayer modes
* Unique and cool looking robots, tripods, probe droids and stuff!
Yep i see lots of glows , but thats not too good


They is coming 2008/2009.

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Name:	THEY-GamesConvention2007_03.jpg
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Default Re: "They" looks different!

Well the gun looks pretty cool
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Default Re: "They" looks different!

Looks nice, I will play it
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Default Re: "They" looks different!

I haven't heard about this game in any online or print media. it looks pretty good from those screens and seems to be a fair way into development. In a perfect world companies would announce a game for the first time about 3 days before the demo was released, followed by the actual game 2 days later. I hate waiting for literally years from the time we see the first screenshots to the actual release of the game. Of course valve was supposed to "fix" this with episodic content, but how long have we been waiting for episode 2? Not that I would buy it for the HL2 content though...
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Default Re: "They" looks different!

hmm when i first saw the screenshot it reminded me of Resistance Fall of Man
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Default Re: "They" looks different!

I like the customizing your weapon part
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Default Re: "They" looks different!

So I can make the gun look like my girlfriend...

and that would make me love it?

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Default Re: "They" looks different!

Originally Posted by Thingding
So I can make the gun look like my girlfriend...

and that would make me love it?

If that's how you want to play...
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nightmare beta
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Default Re: "They" looks different!

It looks great, but it needs some transparency ss, IMO.
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Default Re: "They" looks different!

I already love my gun...
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Default Re: "They" looks different!

I wish companies would just 'spring' the full versions on us.This game looks good but,'the waiting is the hardest part'.
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Default Re: "They" looks different!

From the screenshot, it looks pretty cool!
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