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Default Interlaced output problems with XV output, logs attached

Hopefully this will attract the attention of somebody knowledgeable, so I'm providing as much information as possible. I'm willing to try any combination of options etc. Please weigh in if you have any ideas.

My setup is as follows: FX5200 connected via VGA to a TV with a SCART connector (aiming for RGB output). The xorg.conf.scart.txt that I attach is my working configuration for this setup (in X at least). As I'm in PAL-land, I am outputting at 720x576 interlaced.

Xorg: 7.2
Nvidia-drivers: 100.14.09

The issue comes when I try to play any video. The text overlay of any program looks terrible, as if fields are missing from the played video (or possibly out of order). Pictures here: http://lightstar.is-a-geek.net/~rn114/myth/ are from top to bottom:

1. Svideo output (normal)
2. RGB output with XV on (nasty)
3. RGB output with XV off (lovely)

The program in this instance is MythTV, and XV is controlled by running it with the command:

# NO_XV=1 mythfrontend

The effect is the same in mplayer, and XV is disabled by using:

# mplayer -vo x11 <input file>

Essentially, the combination of interlaced modeline and XV acceleration seem to be interacting badly. I attach my Xorg.0.log (logverbose 6) and nvidia-bug-report.log as well.

Fire away!
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File Type: bz2 Xorg.0.log.bz2 (8.7 KB, 94 views)

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Default Re: Interlaced output problems with XV output, logs attached

Bump. Is there any further information I can provide to make this easier to diagnose?
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