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Default Re: What's a good wired router for under $80?

Originally Posted by Redshirt #24
While they're not strictly wired, routers like the Buffalo wireless-G model that everybody likes to stick DD-WRT on and the ZyXel X-550 are pretty damn solid wired routers. I'll personally cast my vote for the X-550, which has been astonishingly rock-solid for me for well over a year.

(D-Link isn't bad, but they're not ultra-kickass either. They're functional, and that's about it.)
I wanted to chime in with regard to DD-WRT. DD-WRT is based off OpenWRT and is in GPL violation for failure to distribute the source code. DD-WRT also uses several money making schemes such as feature suppression in the 'free' version.

Read more about it at http://www.bitsum.com/about-ddwrt.htm, but basically, if you're using DD-WRT I'd look at using Tomato or OpenWRT with Webif^2 from X-WRT, something in the spirit of F/OSS and not a self-proclaimed developer selling other's code.

OpenWRT: http://www.openwrt.org
X-WRT: http://www.x-wrt.org
Tomato: http://www.polarcloud.com/tomato
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Default Re: What's a good wired router for under $80?

Also using the DLink 4300 and no problems so far. Beats the linksys POS we had before that's fo sho.
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Default Re: What's a good wired router for under $80?

dlink 4300 as well, first router i've had that has lasted over 30 days without me rebooting it, also first router that i've never had a problem forwarding ports (in fact, never had a problem with it for anything).

so.. grab the dlink 4100 - its the same thing minus wireless

the newer, more expensive dlink products seem a lot more solid than the older ones (the ones in the orange boxes rather than blue/white)
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Default Re: What's a good wired router for under $80?

I have a DGL-4300 aswell, already a new one, first DGL-4300 lost always connection with my pc and couldn't reconnect, so got a totally new one and this one is working great ATM (hold wood)
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