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Originally posted by saturnotaku
That's a pretty stupid stance, especially considering that modern graphics hardware can do some degree of AA without too much of a performance hit.
My thoughts exactly. I think the game was rushed out to be honest.

Plus, it's an X-Box port so they probably never even considered checking FSAA works in the early stages of development.

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In reviews I've seen the game with FSAA enabled...if you guys can't get it working how did they?

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FSAA does "work" in that you notice reduced jaggies. However, when you enable FSAA (at least on ATI cards) lights start to shine through walls, which pretty much ruined the experience for me.

Of course, I didn't really like the game in the first place but the fact that FSAA doesn't work properly is icing on the cake.
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it's working fine on 43.45 drivers!
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My thoughts exactly. I think the game was rushed out to be honest.
No, somebody rushed out a game?! Perish the thought.

Then, read the MOO3 list of bugs to be fixed in the first patch... *shudder*

Seems kind of odd that FSAA is broken though if it uses the Unreal engine.
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there will be a patch which resolves the AA problem.

The recently released dx9a get around a limitation of having MSAA and multisample buffer effects in the same frame
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The problem exists on ATI and nVidia cards. The same problem exists on Silent Hill 2 when you use the flashlight. Whatever API is being used to convert these PS2 titles to PC has issues with FSAA, probably because PS2 developers have never heard of it .

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Originally posted by RobHague

Have you seen this little 'glitch' btw? Look at the clouds in the sky :S
You've got the preference slider on balanced (or possibly even aggressive - urgh) in the drivers? (or 'quality' as its now labelled).

afaik as well as its affects on trilinear and AF also enables a kind of texture compression resulting in the blockyness of the sky in that shot, put the slider to application preference.

If that won't fix it then its something to do with the game.
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You can use AA if you enable night vision, while looking away from light sources, and then turn it off. Now you have AA without the lights shining through the walls.

Worked for me as I took a large fps drop and the jaggies were noticably gone.

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Unhappy I have most of the problems posted above.

I purposely upraded to a Leadtek GF4 Ti4800 SE 128MB DDR so that I could enjoy a jaggie-free Splinter Cell (previously playing on Leadtek GF2 MX 64MB with AA disabled for better performance) but was utterly horrified to find it still full of jaggies even with the newest Det 43.45!!! I've tried the Leadtek driver that came with the card & AA seemed to work but I got the same problem as Saturnotaku with lights shining thru everything & a small hit to 3DMark scores. The new 1.1 patch for SC didn't help at all. My guess is Det 43.45 has some bugs to iron out as AA also doesn't work in Medal of Honor, even with patch 1.11 installed. So now I just have to be patient & wait for the next Det release & hope that nVidia has at least the sense to improve on the driver's compatibility & functionality to be on par with (or better than) the older certified 30.82 ver which everybody (including myself) thinks is the most perfect Det ver ever released. Although I'm a faithful nVidia supporter & the thought of going ATi has never crossed my mind, I doubt there are many people as patient as me in the world.
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Try my little trick above.

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