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Default Can not get GLX working

Hello all!
I'm new to this forum and registered to get help here.
I'm a newb with linux, so treat me like that, pls.
Note: i'm at work now and can not post log files of my home pc, but will try to describe my problem as detailed as i can, and i'll post log files when i get home later today.
So... I have had many spare parts lying around in drawers, so i put a secondary pc together to be my torrent seeding box. The hardware specs are: some noname motherboard, with VIA KT133a Socket A, an AMD Duron 1200, 256MB SDRAM (PC133, 2 * 128MB modules), an IDE/ATA Maxtor 80GB HDD 7200rpm. The box is running headless (no monitor, no keyboard, no mouse) and I manage it via VNC or SSH if X is not running. The only program that runs on it is Azures, it starts up automatically when i boot up and log in, and the box runs 24/7.
I have Ubuntu 7.04 on it, running XFCE (previously i used Gnome)
When i first installed linux on it, about a month ago, i used one of my spare vga cards, which was a MSI GeFroce2 Ti 64MB.
It worked with the default ubuntu 'nv' driver, but it was rather slow, so i tried to install the nvidia drivers on it. I could get it working, but only partially. At least, i could run nvidia-config, so the glx must have been worked.
Then i realized, that my other spare card, which is a noname GeForce4 MX440 64MB, could be using a bit newer (but still legacy) drivers, so i replaced the card, uninstalled the nvidia driver, and reinstalled the newer legacy drivers.
From this point, i can not get glx working.
Tried to install multiple times with no luck.
Then i gave Envy a try, but it could not install the drivers, quit halfway. So i gave up temporarily and used the 'nv' drivers. Since the pc is low spec and runs on VNC only, it's not important if i have glx or not.
But then later, I gave envy another go, and it finished succesfully and installed the nvidia driver, woohoo!!!
So i configured x to use the 'nvidia" drivers, and it was indeed working. But i can not use nvidia-config. It starts up, but only displays the nvidia-config options and nothing about the GPU.
When i run it from the command line, it displays some error messages, that there is no GLX, can not determine the number of nvidia GPU's, and there are no nvidia GPUs on this display, etc. so i guess this is why it does not allow me to change anything.
I tried many things, with no luck. I followed how-to's found on ubuntuforums, tried everything found on Alberto MElone's Envy page, even got into contact with himself, and he was very helpful to solve my problem (big UP!!!), but it is still not working.
We tried to completely uninstall all existing nvidia drivers using Envy's remove feature, then reinstalled the drivers with envy (repeated this a few times), and i followed his instructions, removed some clutter left by different install attempts, and configured things as he suggested.
Last night i ended up with a supposedly clean install of the nvidia drivers, but when i attempted to log in via the logins screen GUI, i got an empty blue desktop screen with the mouse pointer.
Alberto told me it's a good sign, this used to happen with MX440 cards, and this means the GLX is loaded, and i have to add special options to xorg.conf. I did that, and indeed, i could get onto the desktop.
But, nvidia-config still states that there is no GPU, and there is no GLX.
This is where Alberto suggested to ask for help on this forum, so here I am!
If anyone could help me to get this working, I'd appreciate it.

edit: i strongly believe (but i can of course be completely wrong) that the problem is, nvidia driver installs and configures itself on display :0, but not on display :1, which i use to log in via VNC. could this be the reason why nvidia-settings reports the error messages "no GLX found on this display"?
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Default Re: Can not get GLX working

here's a nvidia-bug-report.log
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